Friday, June 17, 2011

Good Morning at Cosset

Hello world. This is my first blog post ever. It won't be the most boring because this already claims that title and also, this is about food. Which is never boring. Unless you are watching your pot of water boil so that you can cook some rice.

Anyway I had to go for a band business meeting with my lovely friend Dave this morning. I suggested Cosset which is the cutest cafe that also happens to be 100% vegan bar optional dairymilk in your coffee. You would never know walking into this quaint Mt Albert cafe, that it was anything other than a very comfy, kitschy and darling space run by some friendly ladies who seem to have a penchant for knitware, antique toys and hanging photographs up with washing pegs.

Everything I've had from my adventures there is delicious and very reasonably priced. My berry smoothie was amazing and the $4 mini filo with salad and relish was a very tasty light lunch. It is so refreshing to go somewhere, and not be the one picking out the 'weird' options on the menu. It is also a great place to go on the downlow, when you're hungry and have company who can sniff out a vegan eatery with suspicion a mile away.

Gluten Free Brownie
Apricot Slice
Berry Smoothie
Anything that's wrapped in filo
Apricot Citrus Slice

And if you're in a rush, they do takeaways using biodegradeable potato plates. Which are edible. And go well with the relish. This may or may not be due to personal experience. Also, once a friend of mine got me a lovely birthday present of 4 beautiful Cosset cupcakes-2 lavender and 2 chilli chocolate flavoured delights in a beautiful cosset take away box.

To top of a delightful morning, I was given copious amounts of KingLand soy yoghurt, some of which is in the freezer for frozen yoghurts later yum. Today's experience left a better taste in my mouth than the last time which left a fermented ball of yoghurt death there instead. I think the supermarkets refrigeration was to blame, cause this time around it was amazing. This calls for ambrosia sometime soon.

So here's to the best cafe in Auckland and also to possibly the second most boring blog in the world,: hopefully though my blogging skills have superceded your expectations and mine, and I will see you again soon.
:) Peace, love and joy

PS you can go to their site here.

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