Thursday, June 9, 2011

Taking Stock

I reckon stock is a totally important part of the lazy vegan cook's/chef's arsenal.  Heck, you can make your own instant noodles by sticking a cube of some stock in some noodles from an asian market, costs like nothing at all.  So I was stoked today to find some stock in Foodtown, of all places, which was all totally vegan, even stated on the packet "NO ANIMAL CONTENT", which means it doesn't contain any animals.  They even had "Chicken Style" stock, and "Beef Style" stock.  Awesome.  So I bought two packs and came home and made an awesome stew with some vegan 'chicken' that Blissful seem to have placed in almost all Asian Supermarkets, like the one on Dominion road.  Being vegan makes you tuff and awesome.

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