Thursday, June 9, 2011

This is the beginning of something great

Vegans are pretty much the most awesome people in Auckland.  At our house, known by those who love us as Vegan HQ, we love food.  We love vegan food like crazy.  Today I even made a whole crap-load of vegan choco-chip cookies.  They are awesome.  After a late night of eating vegan dumplings at New Flavour, followed by more eating of vegan cakes and cookies at Cosset in Mt. Albert, which is like a covert vegan cafe that is open until 10PM on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, I got talking to Tom about how awesome vegans are, and how awesome it is to know about all the mean as vegan places in Auckland where we can eat awesome food.  So then we thought about setting up a blog to share all of the awesomeness of Vegan HQ with everyone.

This blog isn't confined to our house, it's about Auckland, and being a vegan in Auckland, and eating awesome vegan food in Auckland.  So as time goes on we'll be adding more contributers to the awesomeness of Auckland Vegan HQ the Blog.  Stay tuned.  Especially if you like vegan food, and vegan culture extreme.


  1. Cosset: I'd like to see those fine women get a knighthood. Thanks for starting this up. Jody

  2. Post some Burrito pics for us less fortunate to perve on!!